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Hardware Cleaning

You should never apply an abrasive cleaner on hardware. Drying the hardware with a soft towel after each use is the most effective way to get the most out of our hardware. To clean our hardware a little bit of mild dish soap and warm water should be applied using a non-abrasive cloth or towel. Rinse with clean warm water and then dry. Doing this after each use will ensure the longest life possible for the hardware.




Glass adds class and elegance to any bathroom, especially when it is sparkling clean. There are
recommended ways to clean glass shower doors that will maintain sparkle and shine.


Cleaners you should NOT use include

• Steel Wool

• Abrasive Pads

• Scouring Powder

• Gritty Rags

• Teflon Pads

• Vinegar, vinegar based

• Ammonia Based Cleaners


Leave the shower door slightly open to allow air to circulate; this will discourage the growth of mildew. Another important cleaning technique for shower doors is to squeegee after showering. It removes excess moisture from the shower and avoids water spots that can be difficult and almost impossible to remove. A plastic squeegee is best because metal could damage a shower.